Kanto Chemical has been growing as a comprehensive reagents manufactures since the company’s establishment in 1944. Reagents,electronic chemicals and performance chemicals,diagnostics agents and fine chemicals comprise the core business and with the high quality of products Kanto is developing business in a global market.
    We are qualified to satisfy advanced specifications in the field of reagents, and we are striving to be a the one and only company who is capable of developing and manufacturing highly purified reagents.We have been taking a leadership position to set the standard of highly purified materials for semiconductor manufacturing processes, and we have been able to maintain the dominant share in essential performance agents in the electronics industry.
    We acquired certifications for the ISO 9001,which is the internationally recognized quality management standard for all of our factories, in order to ensure the high product quality as the very first reagents company in Japan. In addition, Kanto received certification for the ISO/IEC 17025,a certificate for testing site capabilities for providing reliable testing results as an internationally recognized chemical analysis institution.
    In 1988, we acquired an environmental management system certification for ISO 14001 at all factory locations and as the first reagent manufacturer in Japan.. We regard environmental protection activities as a priority in our overall production cycle. Under this philosophy, we have been steadily working for energy conservation, saving resources and the reduction of disposable wastes to continue environmentally-friendly operations.

    Kanto Chemical, has been growing steadily over time by meeting new customer demands and by developing unique products as a leading comprehensive reagents manufacturer.
    For instance, in the high tech industry, Kanto Chemical’s ultrahigh purity electronic chemicals are widely utilized in the advanced device manufacturing including semiconductors and liquid crystal displays. In the area of medicine, our diagnostics agents and analytical reagents are used in the early detection of various diseases. Kanto Chemical’s reagents make contributions to our daily lives allowing us to support people.
    Along with calls for environmentally friendly energy, there are increasing demands for a safer and better living environment. Kanto Chemical is determined to fulfill our corporate mission, that is, continue to develop and deliver performance products and materials which are eco-friendly. We will strive to capture customers’ needs and we will continue to be a contributor to a more convenient and safer society.
    Kanto Chemical’s products carry the “Cica”logo. Cica logo products are highly regarded in various parts of the worlds, and we are now in the process of increasing a number of sales companies and manufacturing bases. In the globalizing world economy, we are facing the challenges of utilizing each of our employees’ efforts to better the future. It is Kanto Chemical’s sincere desire to continue making contributions to society as we put all our resources and skills together. We look forward to your further patronage and business in the future.
    Nowdays,You could purchase the products of Kanto Chemical in mainland.Founded in December of 2005, Shanghai Daishin Trading Co.,Ltd. is the general agency for selling and distributing Kanto's chemical reagents of Japan in the whole China area.We commit ourselves to provide our local clients with best services in retailing and wholesale of Kanto's common and special reagents.